How Soulmates Began

The first time I ever thought of the idea of having your Soulmate’s name emblazoned on your wrist when you turned a certain age would be when I saw it as a writing prompt. The idea was intriguing and I was penning down ideas before I knew it.

I had always wanted to write a book, ever since I was little and learned how to read. Reading and writing became my favorite pastimes, next to playing volleyball and hanging out with my friends.

Having your Soulmate’s name on your wrist should come with problems, right? Like, what if your Soulmate didn’t want to be with you? What if you knew your Soulmate but didn’t like them as a person? What if you didn’t get a name at all?

And that’s where it began. I would write every day, a few hundred words here, maybe five thousand words there. It’s a long process but it has been rewarding. I finished the second rough draft of Soulmates on May 11, 2015. I am currently in the editing process and plan on publishing my debut novel soon.

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