Writing Ramona

Ramona Barinov was fun in a lot of different ways. She is stubborn, aggressive, intelligent, and a little narcissistic. A deadly combination, if you ask me. I designed her character so that she could be in a position to either help or hurt Marciella through Soulmates.

This character is actually a huge part in the plot arc of the trilogy for Soulmates. She is so important to the books and to Marciella that I just can’t explain it without giving away everything!

Ramona has a very rough past, full of secrets and betrayal and lies. When she is first introduced in Soulmates, she is in the middle of serving a seven year sentence of solitude. She’s one of the tougher characters in the series, being able to withstand almost anything thrown at her. She’s very versatile.

I can’t wait to see how she grows throughout the books and makes her decisions on who’s side she’ll be on.

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