Friendship: Marciella and Arthur

Arthur and Marciella have been friends ever since they were little. Before getting their Soulmates, they had never had a fight. They truly balance each other out in almost every way.

Marciella is the dreamer of the two, with a more emotional and thoughtful disposition. She’s clever and good at putting things together while Arthur is the more logical and quiet of the pair.

Arthur is quiet and always thinks two moves ahead, while Marciella solves problems and can figure things out quickly. Marciella is probably the braver of them but Arthur has the bigger heart and is more loving and caring. They balance each other out because they find a way to complete each other, making up for what the other can’t do.

It’s nice to see how their relationship grows and changes through Soulmates. They actually end up fighting over some things and that puts a definite strain on their friendship, but Arthur and Marciella are still there for each other. They mean everything to each other and it’s one of my favorite relationships in the series.

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