Potential Books in the Series

I was thinking about all the things I could write for the Soulmates series and I had the best idea ever. Since I am in love with this idea and all of the characters, I have decided to make this world as in-depth as possible.

The first book, which is about to be published, Soulmates, is the beginning of the series. The second book, Bond, and the third/final book, Break, are the main installments. I have decided to write a few novellas about some of the characters as well.

There will be:

  • a novella about Damon
  • a novella about Emily and her relationship with her significant other who is not her Soulmate
  • a novella about Arthur and Melanie
  • perhaps a novella about everyone’s life after the end of Break

I hope to be able to deliver everything to you guys as this is a really cool idea with a variety of characters who I wish to share with everyone possible.

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