Music: Arthur and Melanie

Music is such a huge part of my working process that I just have to share with everyone what I listen to in order to get in the right frame of mind for each set of characters! For Arthur and Melanie, it was a very different relationship than that of the other Soulmates. There is a more loving and nurturing base to their love, not as much trust and passion as that of Marciella and Damon.

Their music is softer and full of love, instead of sudden and moving music like the others. It was almost hard, actually, to find music that could reflect how I see the relationship between Arthur and Melanie. Here they are:

  • Bleeding Out — Imagine Dragons
  • Breathe Me — Sia
  • Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop — Landon Pigg
  • Friend, Please — Twenty One Pilots
  • Say Something — A Great Big World
  • Stay With Me — Sam Smith
  • Somewhere Only We Know — Lily Allen
  • All We Do — Oh Wonder
  • Sinking Ship — Seafret
  • Unsteady — X Ambassadors

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