Writing Ramona

Ramona Barinov was fun in a lot of different ways. She is stubborn, aggressive, intelligent, and a little narcissistic. A deadly combination, if you ask me. I designed her character so that she could be in a position to either help or hurt Marciella through Soulmates.

This character is actually a huge part in the plot arc of the trilogy for Soulmates. She is so important to the books and to Marciella that I just can’t explain it without giving away everything!

Ramona has a very rough past, full of secrets and betrayal and lies. When she is first introduced in Soulmates, she is in the middle of serving a seven year sentence of solitude. She’s one of the tougher characters in the series, being able to withstand almost anything thrown at her. She’s very versatile.

I can’t wait to see how she grows throughout the books and makes her decisions on who’s side she’ll be on.

Writing Emily

Emily Hayley was definitely a fun character to write. She’s snarky, incredibly intelligent, and super funny. Emily is one of Marciella’s friends at the secondary school before her entire world changes. When it does, Emily is revealed to be more than she seems to be.

I’m not going to give anything away, of course, but Emily is a character you want to read about. She is very independent and doesn’t take anything from anybody. She’s interesting and complex and a whirlwind of emotion sometimes, but she’s still one of the good guys.

Emily is interesting in another way because she doesn’t get her Soulmate. Ever. She’s a Blank, meaning that she doesn’t have a Soulmate and never will. Blanks make up about 14% of the population in the country of Cinnebar, so she’s not the only one who doesn’t get one.

Despite this, she still ends up in a relationship with another main character in Soulmates. It was different to write about because every other couple I’ve written into the book are Soulmates and are destined to be together. It was interesting to see a relationship blossom into something when it’s not supposed to exist.

In fact, the inspiration for Emily’s love for another who isn’t her Soulmate stems from the quote, “We found love where it wasn’t supposed to be.” I will definitely write a novella from Emily’s point of view with her and her significant other when I’m done publishing the first novel of the series because I find it so incredibly fascinating and lovable. Leave a comment below if you agree!

Writing Arthur

Arthur Hame is the best friend to Marciella Hart in Soulmates. They have one of the best friendships in the entire book. Arthur and Marciella have been friends since they were both really little, in primary school. They are inseparable and just so great for each other. They balance each other out and help each other through everything they go through.

Throughout the book, Arthur keeps showing his strength and resolve. I really like his character because even though he has the most complicated Soulmate relationship ever with Melanie Jenkins, he finds a way to make it work and to keep everyone he cares about close to him. He fights for what he believes in and that makes him one of my favorite characters in Soulmates.

Who am I kidding? All the characters are my favorite characters!

I believe Arthur is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. He is also one of the most mature for his age. He is able to make difficult decisions in the blink of an eye to make sure his friends are alright. I mean, he’s only seventeen and he’s able to juggle so many dilemmas and problems he has to deal with.

Even when his relationship with Marciella is strained at times, he is ready to fight for her if he needs to. He would do anything for Marciella and Melanie and I love Arthur for that.

Maybe I’ll write a novella for Arthur and Melanie, focusing on their relationship. You see some of the progress of their Soulmateship in Soulmates but not as much as I would like. Leave a comment if you have any cool ideas about it or just want the novella itself!

Writing Damon

Damon was probably one of the harder characters to write. He is the Soulmate to Marciella Hart and one of the rebel leaders for the Combatants.

The hardest thing was the transition from soldier to Soulmate because Damon was raised to be the perfect weapon by his father, Blake. And now, Marciella is a part of his life and he doesn’t know how to act. It was super funny to write because of how strange it was for the characters.

It definitely leads to an interesting dynamic between the two characters through the book. It was a bit strange to write about their relationship because it is so different from anything I’ve ever read. Their relationship was always changing, always shifting into something different or more complex.

I hope to write a novella from Damon’s perspective when I’m done with the trilogy. Would you be interested in that? Leave a comment below!

Writing Marciella

Marciella Hart is the protagonist in Soulmates. She has short blonde hair and brown eyes. Her Soulmate is Damon Axel and she is one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever written.

I actually made her name up in the beginning of the writing process for Soulmates. I don’t remember exactly how, but I always thought it was a pretty name. It reminds me of a princess name or maybe something delicate. The best thing about the name is that is doesn’t allude to her character growth.

In some popular YA books today, the characters either have super tough names or change their names sometime in the book. With Marciella, she always sounds the like the sensitive and innocent girl she starts out as.

Her growth was really something to write. My favorite part of writing Soulmates would definitely writing how her progress with her Soulmate started and developed. She and Damon are so perfect for each other but they’re both so stubborn and pigheaded at times it wouldn’t work out the way I envisioned it in my mind. While annoying, it was true to their characters.

Marciella truly grows throughout the novel. She starts out as this goody-two-shoes who has a best friend and a mom she’s worried about. Her biggest problems are her studies at the secondary school and wondering if Cinnebar is ever going to be peaceful. When she finds out about Damon, her entire world changes and for a while she isn’t sure if she can cope.

She then finds the strength within herself to do what she needs to and that’s when my favorite part begins. I hope you get to see the growth and change in Marciella that I saw.

How Soulmates Began

The first time I ever thought of the idea of having your Soulmate’s name emblazoned on your wrist when you turned a certain age would be when I saw it as a writing prompt. The idea was intriguing and I was penning down ideas before I knew it.

I had always wanted to write a book, ever since I was little and learned how to read. Reading and writing became my favorite pastimes, next to playing volleyball and hanging out with my friends.

Having your Soulmate’s name on your wrist should come with problems, right? Like, what if your Soulmate didn’t want to be with you? What if you knew your Soulmate but didn’t like them as a person? What if you didn’t get a name at all?

And that’s where it began. I would write every day, a few hundred words here, maybe five thousand words there. It’s a long process but it has been rewarding. I finished the second rough draft of Soulmates on May 11, 2015. I am currently in the editing process and plan on publishing my debut novel soon.