Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this so I wanted to give you guys an update on the Soulmates series. While I finished the final draft of Soulmates over a month ago, I’m having two of my closest friends read it over and give me feedback on it.

I’ve officially started Bond, the second book in the series. I am about to finish Chapter One and can’t believe that the writing process is so much easier this time. Comes with experience, I guess.

The entire second book already has an outline for the twenty chapters, unlike when Soulmates was written. I wrote the first book without the detailed outline I have set for Bond, which is probably why it took so long. I’m estimating that Bond will be finished before I start my sophomore year of college.

On the topic of publishing Soulmates, I’m hoping to do it at the end of July or the beginning of August! Once my editors are done reading it, I will edit anything I need to and get started on the publishing progress immediately. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding!

For the website, I will definitely be more active. The majority of my hiatus is over, so I will be posting more often.

Love you all,