Potential Books in the Series

I was thinking about all the things I could write for the Soulmates series and I had the best idea ever. Since I am in love with this idea and all of the characters, I have decided to make this world as in-depth as possible.

The first book, which is about to be published, Soulmates, is the beginning of the series. The second book, Bond, and the third/final book, Break, are the main installments. I have decided to write a few novellas about some of the characters as well.

There will be:

  • a novella about Damon
  • a novella about Emily and her relationship with her significant other who is not her Soulmate
  • a novella about Arthur and Melanie
  • perhaps a novella about everyone’s life after the end of Break

I hope to be able to deliver everything to you guys as this is a really cool idea with a variety of characters who I wish to share with everyone possible.

Update on Soulmates

The first editing process is finally done! It took me almost two weeks to edit and revise the twenty chapters of Soulmates. Two of my most trusted friends are reading over the second draft and are giving me feedback throughout the week.

I still have to format the book to put into publishing format and design a cover and back for the book. I hope for the book to be in the publishing process before I graduate from high school.

Soulmates will be available to you soon!

Ramona and Guilt

Guilt is a weird emotion to write. It’s all-consuming and suffocating for the person with the guilt, yet they are responsible for it. Ramona is guilty about her past and the things she had done, but she knew what she was doing when it happened.

In Soulmates, Ramona is seen as a traitor due to her past actions. She acts aloof, as if it doesn’t bother her, but she is consumed by it. What she did hurt a lot of good people and she is continually punished for it. When she is introduced in Soulmates, she is serving a seven year punishment in solitude.

Ramona is a master of facades and puts up walls around herself, keeping her feelings hidden from everyone around her. Marciella is one of the first characters to know that she does feel guilt for her actions.

Ramona knows a lot of things that could help and hurt almost everyone in the series, which is an interesting dynamic to write. She could be the key to everyone’s survival or everyone’s demise.

Friendship: Marciella and Arthur

Arthur and Marciella have been friends ever since they were little. Before getting their Soulmates, they had never had a fight. They truly balance each other out in almost every way.

Marciella is the dreamer of the two, with a more emotional and thoughtful disposition. She’s clever and good at putting things together while Arthur is the more logical and quiet of the pair.

Arthur is quiet and always thinks two moves ahead, while Marciella solves problems and can figure things out quickly. Marciella is probably the braver of them but Arthur has the bigger heart and is more loving and caring. They balance each other out because they find a way to complete each other, making up for what the other can’t do.

It’s nice to see how their relationship grows and changes through Soulmates. They actually end up fighting over some things and that puts a definite strain on their friendship, but Arthur and Marciella are still there for each other. They mean everything to each other and it’s one of my favorite relationships in the series.

The Dynamics Between Soulmates

The relationship between two Soulmates is a sacred and treasured thing. It is pure love and being with one another completely. There are fights and disagreements, of course, but overall your relationship with your Soulmate is usually one of the most important things in your life.

In Soulmates, the main couple is Marciella Hart and Damon Axel. They are complete opposites in almost every way, which was fun to pair together. Despite their differences, they compliment each other. I love their relationship so much because it truly grows throughout Soulmates. It gets stronger and more passionate with each page.

The relationship between Arthur and Melanie is a bit more loving instead of passionate. Arthur and Melanie find peace within each other and use the other to stay grounded. Instead of being driven mad by passion and anger and fighting, they are warm and soft to each other, accepting and understanding.

Every relationship between Soulmates is different, as is every couple. There are no two that are the same. Writing the different couples and how they interacted was a bit different for me because they are so complex. I hope you like them!

Writing Hayden

Hayden Brown is one of the rebel leaders along with Damon Axel, Marciella’s Soulmate. They are friends and have been for several years. Hayden is the jokester of all the characters, being able to laugh in any situation.

Like Ramona, he’s had a hard past. He came to the Combatants because of a horrible tragedy after surviving on his own for over a year.

I loved writing Hayden because he was so sarcastic and witty. He cracks funny one-liners at most of the characters in the book and is basically my spirit animal. He’s a hard worker who knows how to have fun when he needs to.

He is really close friends with Damon and Emily, whom he works with closely. By being a rebel leader, he’s one of the more important characters within the Combatants.

Out of all the characters, Hayden probably has the biggest heart. He loves everyone and everything, despite the horrors he’s seen and the torture he’s been through. He’s kind and smart and one of the most intimidating fighters in Soulmates.

Gosh, I just love his character so much. I know I say this about all of the characters, but I really want to write a novella about him and give his story more justice.

Writing Ramona

Ramona Barinov was fun in a lot of different ways. She is stubborn, aggressive, intelligent, and a little narcissistic. A deadly combination, if you ask me. I designed her character so that she could be in a position to either help or hurt Marciella through Soulmates.

This character is actually a huge part in the plot arc of the trilogy for Soulmates. She is so important to the books and to Marciella that I just can’t explain it without giving away everything!

Ramona has a very rough past, full of secrets and betrayal and lies. When she is first introduced in Soulmates, she is in the middle of serving a seven year sentence of solitude. She’s one of the tougher characters in the series, being able to withstand almost anything thrown at her. She’s very versatile.

I can’t wait to see how she grows throughout the books and makes her decisions on who’s side she’ll be on.

Writing Emily

Emily Hayley was definitely a fun character to write. She’s snarky, incredibly intelligent, and super funny. Emily is one of Marciella’s friends at the secondary school before her entire world changes. When it does, Emily is revealed to be more than she seems to be.

I’m not going to give anything away, of course, but Emily is a character you want to read about. She is very independent and doesn’t take anything from anybody. She’s interesting and complex and a whirlwind of emotion sometimes, but she’s still one of the good guys.

Emily is interesting in another way because she doesn’t get her Soulmate. Ever. She’s a Blank, meaning that she doesn’t have a Soulmate and never will. Blanks make up about 14% of the population in the country of Cinnebar, so she’s not the only one who doesn’t get one.

Despite this, she still ends up in a relationship with another main character in Soulmates. It was different to write about because every other couple I’ve written into the book are Soulmates and are destined to be together. It was interesting to see a relationship blossom into something when it’s not supposed to exist.

In fact, the inspiration for Emily’s love for another who isn’t her Soulmate stems from the quote, “We found love where it wasn’t supposed to be.” I will definitely write a novella from Emily’s point of view with her and her significant other when I’m done publishing the first novel of the series because I find it so incredibly fascinating and lovable. Leave a comment below if you agree!

Writing Arthur

Arthur Hame is the best friend to Marciella Hart in Soulmates. They have one of the best friendships in the entire book. Arthur and Marciella have been friends since they were both really little, in primary school. They are inseparable and just so great for each other. They balance each other out and help each other through everything they go through.

Throughout the book, Arthur keeps showing his strength and resolve. I really like his character because even though he has the most complicated Soulmate relationship ever with Melanie Jenkins, he finds a way to make it work and to keep everyone he cares about close to him. He fights for what he believes in and that makes him one of my favorite characters in Soulmates.

Who am I kidding? All the characters are my favorite characters!

I believe Arthur is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. He is also one of the most mature for his age. He is able to make difficult decisions in the blink of an eye to make sure his friends are alright. I mean, he’s only seventeen and he’s able to juggle so many dilemmas and problems he has to deal with.

Even when his relationship with Marciella is strained at times, he is ready to fight for her if he needs to. He would do anything for Marciella and Melanie and I love Arthur for that.

Maybe I’ll write a novella for Arthur and Melanie, focusing on their relationship. You see some of the progress of their Soulmateship in Soulmates but not as much as I would like. Leave a comment if you have any cool ideas about it or just want the novella itself!

Writing Damon

Damon was probably one of the harder characters to write. He is the Soulmate to Marciella Hart and one of the rebel leaders for the Combatants.

The hardest thing was the transition from soldier to Soulmate because Damon was raised to be the perfect weapon by his father, Blake. And now, Marciella is a part of his life and he doesn’t know how to act. It was super funny to write because of how strange it was for the characters.

It definitely leads to an interesting dynamic between the two characters through the book. It was a bit strange to write about their relationship because it is so different from anything I’ve ever read. Their relationship was always changing, always shifting into something different or more complex.

I hope to write a novella from Damon’s perspective when I’m done with the trilogy. Would you be interested in that? Leave a comment below!