Writing Emily

Emily Hayley was definitely a fun character to write. She’s snarky, incredibly intelligent, and super funny. Emily is one of Marciella’s friends at the secondary school before her entire world changes. When it does, Emily is revealed to be more than she seems to be.

I’m not going to give anything away, of course, but Emily is a character you want to read about. She is very independent and doesn’t take anything from anybody. She’s interesting and complex and a whirlwind of emotion sometimes, but she’s still one of the good guys.

Emily is interesting in another way because she doesn’t get her Soulmate. Ever. She’s a Blank, meaning that she doesn’t have a Soulmate and never will. Blanks make up about 14% of the population in the country of Cinnebar, so she’s not the only one who doesn’t get one.

Despite this, she still ends up in a relationship with another main character in Soulmates. It was different to write about because every other couple I’ve written into the book are Soulmates and are destined to be together. It was interesting to see a relationship blossom into something when it’s not supposed to exist.

In fact, the inspiration for Emily’s love for another who isn’t her Soulmate stems from the quote, “We found love where it wasn’t supposed to be.” I will definitely write a novella from Emily’s point of view with her and her significant other when I’m done publishing the first novel of the series because I find it so incredibly fascinating and lovable. Leave a comment below if you agree!