Writing Hayden

Hayden Brown is one of the rebel leaders along with Damon Axel, Marciella’s Soulmate. They are friends and have been for several years. Hayden is the jokester of all the characters, being able to laugh in any situation.

Like Ramona, he’s had a hard past. He came to the Combatants because of a horrible tragedy after surviving on his own for over a year.

I loved writing Hayden because he was so sarcastic and witty. He cracks funny one-liners at most of the characters in the book and is basically my spirit animal. He’s a hard worker who knows how to have fun when he needs to.

He is really close friends with Damon and Emily, whom he works with closely. By being a rebel leader, he’s one of the more important characters within the Combatants.

Out of all the characters, Hayden probably has the biggest heart. He loves everyone and everything, despite the horrors he’s seen and the torture he’s been through. He’s kind and smart and one of the most intimidating fighters inĀ Soulmates.

Gosh, I just love his character so much. I know I say this about all of the characters, but I really want to write a novella about him and give his story more justice.