Music: Marciella and Damon

I’m a huge fan of music. I love listening to it for every occasion and moment possible. Of course, I have music designated for when I was writing Soulmates. I even made specific music for each relationship and character on my iTunes!

When writing the relationship between Marciella and Damon, there is a variety of music. There had to be music for the beginning, when they were unfamiliar with each other, and how it blossomed into what it did. In fact, these are all the songs from my playlist for Marciella and Damon:

  • Come a Little Closer — Cage the Elephant
  • Between the Raindrops — Lifehouse
  • Relax My Beloved — Alex Clare
  • Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) — Beyoncé
  • Say Something — A Great Big World
  • A Thousand Years — Matt McAndrew
  • Warriors — Imagine Dragons
  • Les Champs-Elysées– Joe Dassin

Friendship: Marciella and Arthur

Arthur and Marciella have been friends ever since they were little. Before getting their Soulmates, they had never had a fight. They truly balance each other out in almost every way.

Marciella is the dreamer of the two, with a more emotional and thoughtful disposition. She’s clever and good at putting things together while Arthur is the more logical and quiet of the pair.

Arthur is quiet and always thinks two moves ahead, while Marciella solves problems and can figure things out quickly. Marciella is probably the braver of them but Arthur has the bigger heart and is more loving and caring. They balance each other out because they find a way to complete each other, making up for what the other can’t do.

It’s nice to see how their relationship grows and changes through Soulmates. They actually end up fighting over some things and that puts a definite strain on their friendship, but Arthur and Marciella are still there for each other. They mean everything to each other and it’s one of my favorite relationships in the series.

The Dynamics Between Soulmates

The relationship between two Soulmates is a sacred and treasured thing. It is pure love and being with one another completely. There are fights and disagreements, of course, but overall your relationship with your Soulmate is usually one of the most important things in your life.

In Soulmates, the main couple is Marciella Hart and Damon Axel. They are complete opposites in almost every way, which was fun to pair together. Despite their differences, they compliment each other. I love their relationship so much because it truly grows throughout Soulmates. It gets stronger and more passionate with each page.

The relationship between Arthur and Melanie is a bit more loving instead of passionate. Arthur and Melanie find peace within each other and use the other to stay grounded. Instead of being driven mad by passion and anger and fighting, they are warm and soft to each other, accepting and understanding.

Every relationship between Soulmates is different, as is every couple. There are no two that are the same. Writing the different couples and how they interacted was a bit different for me because they are so complex. I hope you like them!

Writing Marciella

Marciella Hart is the protagonist in Soulmates. She has short blonde hair and brown eyes. Her Soulmate is Damon Axel and she is one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever written.

I actually made her name up in the beginning of the writing process for Soulmates. I don’t remember exactly how, but I always thought it was a pretty name. It reminds me of a princess name or maybe something delicate. The best thing about the name is that is doesn’t allude to her character growth.

In some popular YA books today, the characters either have super tough names or change their names sometime in the book. With Marciella, she always sounds the like the sensitive and innocent girl she starts out as.

Her growth was really something to write. My favorite part of writing Soulmates would definitely writing how her progress with her Soulmate started and developed. She and Damon are so perfect for each other but they’re both so stubborn and pigheaded at times it wouldn’t work out the way I envisioned it in my mind. While annoying, it was true to their characters.

Marciella truly grows throughout the novel. She starts out as this goody-two-shoes who has a best friend and a mom she’s worried about. Her biggest problems are her studies at the secondary school and wondering if Cinnebar is ever going to be peaceful. When she finds out about Damon, her entire world changes and for a while she isn’t sure if she can cope.

She then finds the strength within herself to do what she needs to and that’s when my favorite part begins. I hope you get to see the growth and change in Marciella that I saw.