Ramona and Guilt

Guilt is a weird emotion to write. It’s all-consuming and suffocating for the person with the guilt, yet they are responsible for it. Ramona is guilty about her past and the things she had done, but she knew what she was doing when it happened.

In Soulmates, Ramona is seen as a traitor due to her past actions. She acts aloof, as if it doesn’t bother her, but she is consumed by it. What she did hurt a lot of good people and she is continually punished for it. When she is introduced in Soulmates, she is serving a seven year punishment in solitude.

Ramona is a master of facades and puts up walls around herself, keeping her feelings hidden from everyone around her. Marciella is one of the first characters to know that she does feel guilt for her actions.

Ramona knows a lot of things that could help and hurt almost everyone in the series, which is an interesting dynamic to write. She could be the key to everyone’s survival or everyone’s demise.

Writing Ramona

Ramona Barinov was fun in a lot of different ways. She is stubborn, aggressive, intelligent, and a little narcissistic. A deadly combination, if you ask me. I designed her character so that she could be in a position to either help or hurt Marciella through Soulmates.

This character is actually a huge part in the plot arc of the trilogy for Soulmates. She is so important to the books and to Marciella that I just can’t explain it without giving away everything!

Ramona has a very rough past, full of secrets and betrayal and lies. When she is first introduced in Soulmates, she is in the middle of serving a seven year sentence of solitude. She’s one of the tougher characters in the series, being able to withstand almost anything thrown at her. She’s very versatile.

I can’t wait to see how she grows throughout the books and makes her decisions on who’s side she’ll be on.